Well, it's just about that time again. Time to look back over 2014 and see what our loyal readers and fans chose as the top typos of the year!

Now you may recall that last year's list was only the top 10 typos, but because there were so many glorious stinkers this year, we just had to expand the list to include them all. Enjoy!

20. Butt Out

At least someone tried to fix it.

19. Keep It Safe

Do what to your heart?

18. A Casual Observer

You're welcome?

17. Crap Ahoy!

I don't know sail sizes. Is that a big one?

16. A Tasty Snack

No, thanks, I had a big breakfast.

15. Beef Chicken

From now on, I want all my chicken to be made of beef.

14. My First and Last

Your so right.

13. What Finger?

Um ... I'll stick with Bubble Gum, please.

12. 'Murica!

If only the Declaration of Independence could be written today.

11. Ships in the Night

Now that's a promotion!

10. Special Bedding

I always thought my bed was a queer size.

9. Grab Me

Um ... Sprite, then. Sprite.

8. Wet Paint's New Meaning

Hey, no problem. Thanks for the heads up.

7. A Fond Farewell

Best of what now?

6. And the Sword

Depends on the finger, really.

5. Deep Thoughts

Doesn't mean you can spell either.

4. A New Career

Know anybody?

3. Good Job

Aw, you guys shouldn't have. Really.

2. Who's Hungry?

Soylent Green is tacos!

1. This Guy

Where have you been all my life?

Happy New Year, everyone!



08/25/2015 3:46am

The best is the one from Sumsung... My God, unbelievable and amazing typos!

09/01/2015 9:12am

Haha i really like tattos one, they are awesome. Twenty is funny too! Someone trys to fix this, but this is rediculous. But this pictures really old, you can find lot of new funny ones!


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