Anyone who was of video-game-playing age in the '90s knew about the glory of Mortal Kombat. It was a hellaciously brutal, bloody, gory fighting game that sucked in quarters faster than a black hole and spawned sequels like nothing since Friday the 13th.

Because of the game's ubiquity, something funny happened to those hardcore souls who played and obsessed over it. The word "kombat" started to look correct. "Combat" started to seem like the misspelling. "Mortal combat" suddenly looked wrong. Admittedly, "kombat" was the cooler, more bad-ass spelling, so it's easy to see why people cottoned to it.

What people won't cotton to -- or at least hopefully they won't -- is the misspelling in the title of the new Terminator film. Long rumored to be called "Terminator: Genesis" (which, as a reboot title, is not half bad), a photo posted this week by Ah-nold himself seems to confirm the title as "Terminator Genisys." 

"Genisys"? Really? While it no doubt ties into the movie's plot somehow, it's such a tortured spelling of "genesis" that it's just painful to the eyes. I wouldn't even have minded "genesys." Okay, no, now that I see it written out, I'd have hated that too.

Well, Terminator people, best of luck with your typo title. May we suggest for the sequel "Terminator Revylasions"?

By Steve Boudreault



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