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In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi famously asked, "Who's the more foolish -- the fool, or the fool who follows him?" Today we ask a variation of that question: Who's the more foolish -- those who create the typo, or those who fail to notice it for months on end?

Here's the story, courtesy of Yahoo! News: "Six months ago, Gorman McCracken Volkswagen-Mazda bought some property in Longview, Texas that was previously owned a movie theater. The land that the car dealership took over included a rather large billboard, so they decided to put up an advertisement about their warranties. As KLTV 7 News reports, that sign was up for months before the business realized it had a typo.

The sign was supposed to read, 'Peace of Mind Warranty on ALL MAKES.' The sign, instead, reads, 'Piece of Mind Warranty on ALL MAKES.' How did it go unnoticed by the people working at Gorman McCracken? The best answer given is that it’s because the sign faces away from their building. General Manager Travis Potter says that he’s heard from several people about it now. He told KLTV, 'We’ve had several people complain on it and we realize our mistake. And, instead of fixing the sign we’re just going to donate what we would spend to fix the sign to the East Texas Literacy Council.'

KLTV reports that it would cost approximately $250 to fix the sign, so that’s the amount that will be donated."

More fascinating than any of this, though, is that there's an East Texas Literacy Council.



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