Pope Francis
In what can only be held up as the epitome of a slow news day, it seems the Twitterverse is all abuzz about Pope Francis' supposedly x-rated typo in a tweet he sent out yesterday. First of all, like the Pope really has nothing better to do than tweet, especially knowing what kinds of people are on Twitter. Second, like the Pope has ever used a computer or iPhone in his life. And third, the Pope is infallible, in case everyone has forgotten, so if there's one man on the planet who's not going to end up with a typo, it's him.

Anyway, the image is below, but if you're having trouble seeing the x-ratedness of a simple added letter, you're not alone.

I didn't even bother with the Urban Dictionary -- because let's face it, every word in the English language has a sick definition there -- but I did run "spray" through the old Merriam-Webster, and the crudest definition they've got involves cats and urine. Maybe the pontiff was speaking to the kitties of the world? But how could their spraying help dead miners and shipwreck victims?

Meh. File this one under "a whole lotta nothin'."

By Steve Boudreault



11/14/2014 5:00am

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08/11/2016 9:03pm

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08/20/2016 9:09am

hahah! how funny is this. I think it is printing mistake. I still do not understand what did he mentioned by this sentence. He made mistake in very word.

12/19/2016 5:18am

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