Cleveland Browns
Seen the ads for the new movie Draft Day? If you haven't, you're not missing much, but one takeaway is that the Cleveland Browns have allowed their name and likeness to be used as the basis for the film. Maybe to, y'know, give the  franchise a little boost, a shot in the arm, some free publicity. 

The movie plot is so deep and complex that I'm going to let the IMDB synopsis tell the story:

"The General Manager of the Cleveland Browns struggles to acquire the number one draft pick for his team."

Wow! If that doesn't pack them into the theaters, I don't know what will. But count out the proofreaders and copyeditors of the world, though, because the poster for the movie has this terrible and obvious typo:

Im' sure you are.

By Steve Boudreault



05/13/2015 7:50am

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