Boogie Nights
Porn is a multi-billion-dollar industry. These days, it should come as no surprise, the biggest chunk of that pile of money comes from Internet porn. One wonders how much more money might be made if those online porn rascals bothered to learn spelling and grammar.

One pornographic video site that I … heard about from a friend ... states plainly that “Every photos in tour done freely you precisely will discovering members of a part we do not deceive you, every photos really is in members and even more!!!” Well, that’s … reassuring. I suppose we should be thankful they spelled “deceive” correctly.

Well everyone complains about the weather, I hear you all say, but no one does anything about it. Why doesn’t Solidus jump in and offer to fix these sites? I’ll tell you why.

Years ago, I applied for a proofreading position working on a website whose name has no place in polite company. The concept was that the site would review adult toys and videos, and I would proofread the reviews. I spoke to the site owner and asked him to send me some sample text from the site so I could show him my editing skills. 

“No,” he told me. “I’d rather meet you in person.” 

I asked him for the company address. He gave it to me, but it didn’t come up on Google Maps. 

“Oh, yeah, it won’t,” he told me. “It’s not an actual address. Look for a brick building, and it’s the unmarked black door around back.” 

With visions of Pulp Fiction dancing in my head, I told him thanks but no thanks. So yeah, proofreading porn is not a road we’d care to go down.

Heh. I said “go down.”

By Steve Boudreault



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