Solidus Editorial Solutions Night Before Christmas
‘Twas the night before Christmas
At Solidus HQ
And the editors were stirring
With still so much to do

“Look at this shit,” Steve said
With familiar contempt
“They used ‘your’ and not ‘you’re’
In this half-assed attempt!”

“And they made this possessive,”
Said Emily with bite
“It’s like they didn’t even want it
To remotely be right!”

“Oh that’s nothing!” cried Emily.
“Take this line right here.
I’ve never seen anything
That’s quite so unclear!”

The three of them sighed
As they grabbed their red pens
It looked like they’d work
Straight through Christmas again

When suddenly they
Were all bathed in a glow
From a light that shone in
From the fresh fallen snow

And a jolly old elf
Just appeared in their midst
With a giant red bag
He held tight in his fist

“Who are you?” the three said
Though they all had a clue
“Why, I’m Santa!” he laughed
“And I’m here to help you!”

Then he opened his bag
And he pulled forth a book
They knew just what it was
With the briefest of looks

“Dictionaries!” said Santa
“Dictionaries for all!
For the old and the young
For the big and the small!”

“They’ll all learn to spell
Which will lighten your load
And give you all back
The great Christmas you’re owed!”

Then he went up the chimney
And into his sleigh
And he and his team
Flew up, up and away

And Steve looked at Emily
And Emily in turn
And they all shook their heads
They knew Santa would learn

That as nice of a gift
A dictionary would make
The use of it was
A step no one would take

So they all settled back
To their editor tables
And that’s where we end
Our Christmastime fable

They’re thankful for you
And the fact that you read it
But time marches on
And there’s so much to edit

And they need peace and quiet
To get it all right
So Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night!

By Steve Boudreault



Jim Donnelly
01/12/2014 9:03pm

I hope you and your bride had a very merry Christmas and a safe new year.

01/20/2016 6:56pm

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