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In a delicious twist, I was going to skip this week’s blog because I simply didn’t have time to write it. Which got me thinking about how tough it is to find time to write. Which inspired me to write it anyway, irrespective of the time constraints. So here we are.

I know a lot of writers, and I don’t know how any of you do it. I mean, if you’re getting paid to write, I get it. That’s your job and you can devote eight to 10 hours a day to it. But those of you who write for pleasure and post your daily word counts … I just don’t know how you do it. I know why you do it, make no mistake. I just don’t know how.

“Well,” I’ve been told, “you make the time.” How do you make time? Time is time. And if you’ve got kids you need to take care of, and/or any sort of social life, and/or anything else in the world you like to do (watching TV, for example) or need to do (going to the gym), how can there possibly be time left over to write?

And even if you do have a chunk of time when you’re not raking leaves, running errands, paying bills, Facebooking, or anything else, aren’t you exhausted? Wouldn’t you much rather nap than write? Like I said, I simply don’t know how you do it.

It seems to me that the perfect writer is single with no kids, a hermit, and independently wealthy. But what are the odds that a person fitting that description would be the least bit interested in writing, let alone be good at it? Astronomical. But if I’ve just described your circumstances, more power to you.

So I’ve managed to make the time to write about not being able to make the time to write. But seriously, that’s all I have time for. Well, maybe one more thought -- to all my writer friends who somehow make it happen, keep making it happen!

By Steve Boudreault



09/09/2016 6:15am

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It is very hard to make time for out writings after the daylong work. I work for 10 hours per day and have no time to even have my lunch properly which is much said thing to say. It is very hard like as you said to spare time for children also. But, the way you manage to write out in that busy schedule it is awesome to know that.


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