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I was having difficulty deciding what to blog about this week. I knew I’d be inspired, it was just a matter of waiting for that inspiration to come. And it came yesterday afternoon on the train.

A group of teenagers, two girls and two boys, boarded the train and sat a few rows behind me. They had been chatting as they made their way to their seats, but the first thing I heard clearly once they sat was, “Oh, fuck that shit.”

Oh, fuck that shit. Beautiful, isn't it? The eternally poetic majesty of the English language. For those of you not well-versed in casual cursing, the rough translation is “Strongly disregard that item or concept.”

The quartet cursed like that for the entire train ride. Fuck this shit and fuck that shit. And don’t forget to fuck that other shit. This person’s a fucking dick and that person’s a fucking bitch. On and on and on.

I’m personally not offended by cursing. But to me it’s such a verbal crutch, such a sign of laziness and lack of creativity. And because there are so few real, genuine curse words, it’s also incredibly pedestrian. The English language is such a repository of amazing words and phrases that to limit yourself to just a few words like that is almost criminal.

Cursing is, and probably always will be, a part of our language. But it doesn’t have to be associated with stupidity or ignorance. If you're going to curse, just use a little fucking creativity. That’s the shit.

By Steve Boudreault



02/25/2015 5:02am

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