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Most folks don’t realize what a constant battle it is to defend the English language. Typos are everywhere. New words and acronyms that make your skin crawl – I’m looking at you, YOLO – try and worm their way into the common vernacular. And texting has all but eliminated the use of capitalization and punctuation, and reduced the grandeur and majesty of the language to embarrassing stubs like “l8r” and “bcoz.”

Which begs the questions: Is it time for us to lay down our arms? And are we fighting a hopeless battle?

I certainly hope not, but perhaps the writing – poorly spelled or otherwise – is indeed on the wall. Those of you who are too young to remember can scarcely imagine the outrage when CDs first began appearing on music store shelves, threatening to replace beloved records and cassette tapes. Now even the CDs have been supplanted. Things outlive their usefulness. The world moves on. Maybe it’s ready to move on without editors.

One realm that is still a bastion of editorial bliss is advertising. Ad agencies are so afraid of looking stupid – or worse, making their clients look stupid – by printing or posting something with a typo that they keep in-house teams of language lovers handy to give everything a once-over. But if those of us who care about, respect, and love the English language are a dying breed, how long before corporate America stops worrying about errors in spelling or grammar? If they’re advertising to people who don’t see typos, then what does it matter if they’re there or not?

People who do what we do know what we mean when we say that “the radar is always on” – in other words, we can never not see an error, no matter where we are. So we will always rail against typos and errors no matter where we see them. But if we’re all eventually put out to pasture, it won’t matter what we say – because no one will care.

By Steve Boudreault



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06/30/2015 12:32pm

nice article about English writing. Many people when write they don't know the use of punctuation and grammar rules for writing. When i read this blog i gain much knowledge about it, thanks for sharing that information with us.


Hey dude! I definitely 100% agree with you. It is a actual pity how the British terminology is being definitely mutilated beyond any identification. The sad factor is I'm increasing up with the creation of children doing this, as I'm around their age and I have to not just put up with them on the internet, but in everyday lifestyle.

08/12/2015 11:35pm

English from England is the proper English, seeing as it's where it all originated. I think this is the first English which were described.

08/18/2015 6:17am

Actually, the idea of proper English is an artificial construct that was invented many years ago, which is a very short time, linguistically speaking. So that's why it is not the matter of proper English.

08/19/2015 12:55pm

My English is proper because I play videos games from many years and I have good experience of English what i say in games so i think now i am able to speak the proper and good English.

03/02/2016 5:17am

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06/19/2016 12:33pm

Wat you onna bout, I alwais speeek proper Inglish.

07/13/2016 1:44am

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Not that we are grammer Nazis, but it shows some level of disrespect when people do not proofread their work, although I do understand that some people are not native speakers. I feel like hacking their twitter accounts to correct their work.

12/19/2016 2:58am

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