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When describing to a friend of mine/business acquaintance what we do here at Solidus, I gave our party line: “We provide a multimedia approach to brand enhancement through language.” Then I said, jokingly: “We’re like language whores!” She laughed. Then I started to think about it. “Actually,” I said, “I guess we are more like language hoers.” Of course, the two phrases sound the same (whore and hoer), but the two ideas are very different.

If we talk about massaging language, which is very popular in marketing circles (and we do do this), it sounds like we are more like whores. However, I much prefer the idea that we are like farmers, nurturing language, enhancing it, cultivating it.

We can start our own garden from scratch, tending the soil, providing food for thought. Or, we can enhance the seedlings of others, tilling the soil (suitable venue/foundation), moving the crops (words and sentences) around as necessary, providing nutrients and water (proper grammar, spelling, and style), ultimately helping the seedlings or ideas to blossom and thrive. At the end of the season (writing or editing process), you have a beautiful, healthy harvest (perfectly crafted language and message).

Maybe this should be our new tagline -- Solidus: we are language hoers, helping to feed the world one sentence at a time.

By Emily Trask



01/16/2015 4:49am

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