Solidus Editorial Solutions Stickup
This week I discovered there are two types of people when it comes to our little friend, the humble hyphen: hyphenators, and hyphen-haters.

Hyphenators are those folks who love to go on-line to a web-site and have a look-around to see if there are any hyphen-less spaces they can fill-in. These people are very annoying. Not as annoying as commanators, but we’ll discuss them, at another, time.

Hyphen-haters don’t even like the hyphen in hyphen-haters. These folks would live in a hyphen free world, with nothing separating bluish green or twenty three or unAmerican.

But what hyphen-haters don’t realize is how useful the hyphen can be, if used correctly and in moderation. For example, a man-eating shark is a shark that eats humans; a man eating shark is a man who is eating shark meat.

And wrap your brain around this one, if you dare: Three-hundred-year-old trees are an indeterminate number of trees that are 300 years old. Three hundred-year-old trees are three trees that are 100 years old. Three hundred year-old trees are 300 trees that are 1 year old.

See that, hyphen-haters?

By Steve Boudreault



12/11/2014 6:49am

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06/05/2017 2:15am

Admit it or not, there are really people who were born to be annoying! Intentional or not, their actions are annoying us without any effort. By the way, thank you for introducing to me such terms. Now, I'll not resort to calling them some sort of adjective because they already have a title! I would want to classify myself as a hyphen-haters because that's how I really myself.


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