And now it would seem we need to take another institution of higher education to task. Last month we called out the University of Michigan for their All-Amercian typo. A couple of weeks ago we gritted our teeth and bore the pain of a yearbook page written by the devil himself. And now it's Northwestern's turn for a trip to the woodshed.

As an aside, we don't enjoy taking the mickey out of schools, but they're schools for cryin' out loud! We've got to hold them to a higher standard.

So. Northwestern.

They've got a journalism school called the Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications. Last weekend, the students who graduated from it were presented with diplomas from the Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Itegrated Marketing Communications. See for yourself.

The most delicious part of all this is that there's evidently a rather notorious "Medill F," which is the grade given to any Medill student whose work has even the most minor of errors.

Maybe going forward it will be referred to as the "Medill N."

By Steve Boudreault
Jenny and Donnie
So Donnie Wahlberg proposed to Jenny McCarthy. That's sweet.

And since it was a written proposal rather than a verbal one, surely he spent some time and exerted some effort to make sure there were no typos or grammatical errors, anything that would result in a Solidus blog written about it. Surely he did that. Surely.

Well, here's the Solidus blog about it, so no, clearly he did not. Sigh.

It all started off well enough. According to the story, Donnie and Jenny were sitting on the couch when Jenny said, "Tell me how much you love me." Donnie left the room and returned with a piece of paper that read "WILL." So far, so good.

He then left the room again and returned with a second piece of paper that read "MARY" and a t-shirt that read "ME." Jenny burst into tears and said yes, probably not even aware of what it was she'd just agreed to.

"WILL MARY ME" is not a proposal. It's not even a complete sentence. If anything, it sounds like a short list of people. Maybe the main cast of a movie Donnie's working on? Or the crew scheduled that night at Walburger's? Either way, it was pretty presumptuous of Jenny to assume these random words were any sort of proposal of marriage. But if they were, well, there's just one thing left to say.

Jenny -- you can do better.

By Steve Boudreault

In Alice Cooper's classic song "School's Out," he first observes that "school's out for summer," before amending that to "school's out forever."

After getting a look at this yearbook page, it might be a good idea to keep this school out forever. Or perhaps never let them out. Whatever works.

One has to imagine that this page was a last-minute addition and therefore didn't have the benefit of a copy edit, but I think the larger question is how was this draft so bad in the first place? This is a school, for crying out loud! And a yearbook preserving it for posterity! Oh, the humanity. Go on, see for yourself.

A Kickstarter campaign is now under way to buy up every copy of this yearbook and burn them with unfettered joy.

By Steve Boudreault