Nevada Seal
Oh, Nevada. You're just America's dirty little secret, aren't you? From the state that brought us legalized gambling, mafia takeovers, and hot-and-cold running prostitutes comes this little gem.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval put together a proclamation that declared the week of May 4 to be state employee appreciation week. But there was an embarrassing little typo that slipped by because, as we've observed so many times, if a word is misspelled as another word, spell-check just nods and smiles and says, "This one's good to go." Is this a good spot to shamelessly plug our proofreading services?

Anyhow, the passage in question points out that state employees work to "conserve and preserve our natural and cultural resources," but the final draft did not say "cultural." Oh no, it most certainly did not. Have a look below and see what it actually said.

Hey, not to say that those aren't resources worth saving. But maybe that belongs in a separate proclamation.

By Steve Boudreault

Solidus Rockies
Whether you're a Red Sox fan or a fan of one of those other teams, you know that going to the ballpark these days can cost an awful lot of dough. The tickets, the parking, the souvenirs, the food, and the beer -- especially the beer -- can really make a dent in your wallet. But thanks to a typo, baseball fans in Colorado are finally getting a break. 

At the Colorado Rockies' home opener this year, there was a sign at the concession stand reminding everyone that alcohol service would be discontinued at the end of the 7th inning.  Fair enough. But have a look at what the sign actually said:

Well it's about time! Not only will we have the hooch right through to the end of the game, it's gonna be cheaper too! Play ball!

By Steve Boudreault

Solidus Oscar Pistorius
Ah, there's nothing better than the murder trial of a former gold medal-winning Paralympian to get the Twitterverse twittering, is there? When accused murderer Oscar Pistorius took the stand yesterday in the High Court of Pretoria, Twitter users decided to use the hashtag #oscartrial to keep tabs on ... well, Oscar's trial. 

What happened, though, was that someone mistyped the hashtag as #oscartrail, which resulted in the biggest typo to ever trend on Twitter.

Well done, Twitter. The only thing better than a dumb typo is a trending dumb typo. Mind your hashtags, people. Mind them well.

By Steve Boudreault

Cleveland Browns
Seen the ads for the new movie Draft Day? If you haven't, you're not missing much, but one takeaway is that the Cleveland Browns have allowed their name and likeness to be used as the basis for the film. Maybe to, y'know, give the  franchise a little boost, a shot in the arm, some free publicity. 

The movie plot is so deep and complex that I'm going to let the IMDB synopsis tell the story:

"The General Manager of the Cleveland Browns struggles to acquire the number one draft pick for his team."

Wow! If that doesn't pack them into the theaters, I don't know what will. But count out the proofreaders and copyeditors of the world, though, because the poster for the movie has this terrible and obvious typo:

Im' sure you are.

By Steve Boudreault